Cultivating the Network of Care: Building Transformation from the Inside Out

By Courtney Bentrott, Program Manager, Healthy Transitions Colorado

On Friday, June 26th Healthy Transitions Colorado held its very first symposium: Building Transformation from the Inside Out. The symposium was the first in a series of three with a complementary learning series titled Cultivating the Network of Care. Thank you to everyone who made the event such a success! Over 70 partners came out for networking and learning more about how to prepare their facilities for community-based care.

The morning kicked off with Dr. Jay Want who talked about the changing landscape in health care. He highlighted the need to create value by acting as communities, not individuals. We then heard from Kate Perica who addressed how to fine tune the medication reconciliation process through concise communication. She reminded us that with med rec, as in cooking, there needs to be significant attention given to the details of the orders or recipe for the most successful outcome. Next up, Kat Bottinelli taught us about teachback fundamentals and the importance of using our O.A.R.S. – Open-ended questions, Affirmations, Reflections, and Summarization. Jodi Smith then talked about the success of the Post-Acute Care Team (PACT) and stressed the importance of connection, partnership, and the need to understand where the member came from and where they are going.

We headed into the afternoon with Maria Oren, Carolyn Leeder, Sarah Sunleaf, and Lisa Clark providing us with some tips and tricks for discharge planning. The panelist discussion emphasized the need for collaboration between the patient, the hospitalist, the nursing staff, care coordinators, PCP’s, families, and other care partners. They also highlighted the differences between types of facilities and the importance of understanding the needs and priorities of your partner organizations when arranging for discharge and handoffs. Next up was a conversation between Don Backstrom, Deb Gleason, and Christina Lockhart on organizing post-acute services, who emphasized that we need to be flexible, understand that measures are dynamic and can change, and measure and report variations in care often. We have to be mindful of the differences in culture and patient priorities that can be present when moving between rural and urban care settings. Making sure the patients goals are known and given priority may have an impact on what the post-acute care plan is. Finally, Dr. Mark Levine brought the symposium to a close by talking about new strategies in health care and the importance of collaborating to focus on populations and communities, and reducing variation in care by looking for and sharing best practices.

The key words, which set the theme for the day, were collaboration and trust. We learned that in order to have collaboration, there must be a level of trust amongst providers. Having trust is what will open the doors for collaboration and ultimately help to build transformation of care from the inside out.

Our next symposium, Nurturing Community Collaboration, is scheduled for October 16 and will focus on how to start building the relationships and alignment to effectively partner with other organizations for true community-based care. Keep your eye out for more information in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you there!