A Readmissions Strategy at Work

By: Glenn Sommerfeld, Yampa Valley Medical Center

Welcome to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where the Yampa Valley Exit Strategists discharge team believes they have found a key ingredient to improving readmissions.  Glenn Sommerfeld shares the secret recipe: “The most important aspect of this project has been the buy-in from the front line staff.  Having three project team members that are leaders on the unit made all the difference.   This method was very different than our typical approach of jumping to a solution.  When the front line saw that this new process made their jobs easier by eliminating the waste, the buy-in came along naturally.

The Exit Strategists discovered that by improving through-put; eliminating waste and identifying key front-line leaders it has given the staff more time for advanced discharge planning. Patients are now more ready for discharge which has shown up in reduced readmissions and improved patient experience scores.

Contact: glenn.sommerfeld@yvmc.org